Regarding Copyrights and Omissions

One of my aims on this blog is to explore interesting topics with more depth than what you might find in a news article or movie review but in a more compact form than what you might find in a book.

I make every effort to get the details right and to credit the work of others that I reference, but I don’t have the luxury of spending months on a story in a way that a book writer might. Consequently, if you spot an error in accuracy or attribution please let me know. I am happy to explore a discrepancy and make revisions as appropriate.

I don’t get paid to write this blog, and I’ve decided to keep it advertisement free so that I can focus on writing stories that are somehow relevant but somewhat different from what you might find elsewhere. 

As to the images I include, I tend to look for content that is in the public domain or made available through a Creative Commons license. In some instances though, I will include copyrighted images for commentary and educational purposes. For example, it is sometimes helpful to see a still image from a film while discussing a certain aspect of that film.

I do this based on my understanding of fair use principles. Unless I am critiquing something, my intention is not to diminish the work of others but to draw attention to it or to raise awareness of the subject to which it relates. That being said, I am willing to modify the attribution or remove copyrighted content if so requested by the copyright owners.

Thanks for reading, and I do hope that something on my blog will be meaningful to you.



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